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Who we are

TANG d.o.o. is a Croatian manufacturing company that has become part of the Italian group Eurozappa since 2003. For over 60 years, it has specialized in hot forging of steel and it operates in all the most important international markets.

The constant attention to the market requirements and the customer needs, the synergy of skills and technical know-how, the advanced technologies, research and development have made TANG able to meet the requirements of many sectors including agriculture, automotive, energy and construction, and to offer a full range of high-quality steel products, such as flanges, gears, industrial wheels, transmission torques, cardan joins, hubs and any other kinds of industrial forged parts.

Facts & Data

tons of steel processed per year
tons of raw material always in stock

hot forging lines
million parts produced per year
people employed


The keys to our success in support of your job


Skilled and specialized technicians study customized projects being by your side in creating innovative and efficient solutions.
power power


There are 9 hot forging lines and they produce about 7.000 tons per year. Advanced machinery craft the steel following specific processes for each single product. The particular shape of each tool expresses the quality and inventiveness. That is why we design the best process to enhance the uniqueness of each part.

quality quality


The quality of our hot forged products is the outcome of a constant renewal thanks to continuous investments in the production lines. For all the metallurgical and dimensional checks, 3D control systems are used, along with microscopes, Brinell and Rockwell hard meters, in order to ensure the highest level of quality, in line with the Group standards.”

speed speed

Speed and promptness

The raw material is always available in different sizes and profiles to guarantee a fast and efficient service. We are therefore able to respond quickly to requests at any time of the year.

closeness closeness

Closeness and Presence

Our team provides continuous advice thanks to a technical and commercial staff made up of in-house personnel, who are able to give fast and reliable answers and promptly visit customers worldwide for any need.

research research

Research & Development

Thanks to the constant attention as well as the investments in new technologies and machinery, both in manufacturing processes and in the working environment, TANG aims to achieve manufacturing excellence, technological progress and the personal enhancement in the working activities. 

Past Events

Bauma 2022 – Munich

October 24–30, 2022 | Munich Trade Fair Center, Germany